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How can I purchase Log House Foods products?

Log House Foods sells brands and private label products in a variety of national retailers around the country. If you can’t find a product near you, please request us at your local grocery store or contact

Are your products organic?

Log House Foods has the ability to manufacture organic products. We work with your company to address any special ingredient and certification needs.

What do you sell?

We carefully manufacture a number of quality products including baking products, better-for-you foods, candy, as well as oils and sweeteners, in both branded and private label varieties. Please see the products page for more information.

Can I buy your products through Amazon?

At present, WholeMe Clusters are the only product we have available for purchase on Amazon.

Are your products gluten free?

All of the products Log House Foods manufactures are considered gluten free, including coatings, chocolate chips, oils, and sweeteners. The WholeMe cluster line is certified gluten free.

Do you have any recipes for your products?

A number of recipes for CANDIQUIK (which generally works for all almond bark or coating products) can be found on the CANDIQUIK website at  If there is something you cannot find, please feel free to contact

How do I melt CANDIQUIK?

Detailed instructions on melting can be found at

How do I store my almond bark coating?

Store leftover CANDIQUIK or coating in an air tight bag or container. It is a shelf stable product and does not require refrigeration.

Do you make any sugar free almond bark or coatings?

At present, we do not manufacture any sugar-free coating or almond bark products.

Does Log House Foods still manufacture Jacobsen’s Toast?

Log House Foods no longer manufactures Jacobsen’s Toast. For a list of the products we currently manufacture, please see the products page.

Would you support our organizations' efforts and donate product?

We evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis. If you have a specific request, please contact

Are your chocolate products sustainably sourced?

We partner with a variety of vertically integrated suppliers. Through long term relationships and shared goals, we align on best practices for industry-leading farming and labor standards. Cocoa sustainability is an important part of our business strategy.

Is your palm oil sustainable?

The palm oil we use in our products is RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified, qualified as both responsible and sustainable as defined by the RSPO.

I’m interested in launching a new product and need help with formulation development. Who should I contact?

Even if you don’t see the product you need listed, we will work with you on a solution to your business needs, so please reach out and we’ll set up a time to connect at

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